I’ve been taking part in the Global Challenge this year while working at Liverpool John Moores University and since starting the challenge I’ve become much more aware of the amount of exercise I do each day. Working a 9-5 job inevitably means you need to make a conscious effort to take part in some form of exercise and ideally 3 x 30 minutes a week at least. So with this in mind I joined Lifestyles Gym and have been taking part in regular spin classes. I tried the gym but I basically feel like I don’t know what I’m doing there, and I really don’t.

Spin classes are great though and after a few weeks I’ve increased the frequency to twice a week, but what about every day activities?

After a couple of days of no available trains a few weeks ago, I was forced to find alternative transport to work, and I did try the bus but one day I walked, and it took me an hour. It was a revelation, okay it took me an hour, but by the time I’d arrived at work I was actually awake, wide awake.

Usually like something out of a zombie movie I enter the kitchen in the morning searching for a caffeine hit, but by now I was already awake and holding conversations with people around me, like a normal person. This is amazing I thought. 

So it continued, no more snoozing the alarm, I get up at 6.30am sharp and leave at 8am on foot for the walk to work daily. Even during the hottest day of the year so far I stomped into the office, granted I was glad of a complete change of clothes, some wet wipes and my spare deodorant but I did it none the less.

It’s now week four of doing it and I really think that this can continue. I’m not sure how I’ll feel in really bad weather, over winter and in the dark but right now, when it’s light, walking to and from work is brilliant. I get an hour of thinking and planning time before I get to work and an hour of de-constructing the day, leaving my work behind me when I enter the house and that feels great.

I’m feeling stronger, more alive and also much more positive! Honestly, if you’re within walking distance of work I would strongly recommend it. Plus with views like this in Liverpool, well why wouldn’t you.

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