If you rooted through my bins you’d find that I’m far from living plastic free at the moment, but I am cutting down. Just before Christmas, while desperately seeking presents, I stumbled across Plastics Free. I wanted to know I could reduce my plastic use and therefore waste and so I eagerly read each page of their site for ideas.

Face wipes is a good one, I wear makeup on most days and Plastics Free offer cotton face pads which can be washed and re-used. Natural deodorant is also an interesting idea because the packaging is cardboard and the scents used sound good. I bought a hair shampoo bar too, but I’ve not yet had a chance to use this as I still have shampoo left. Also, I bought a soap, mainly because it was made with orange and frankincense and well, it’s Christmas after all, that’s going to smell lovely when guests come to visit the smallest room in the house. I’ve waited a little while to make sure I know exactly how the products work before posting this review.

Plastic Free Deodorant

Firstly, the face wipes. There’s just three of them in the set so using makeup remover liquid I used the cotton pads. They didn’t feel quite as soft as cotton wool pads so did drag your skin a little particularly around the eyes but they weren’t that bad and I would definitely use them again.

They also wash well in a normal wash along with all the other whites, which surprised me. However, I do have one complaint, they didn’t come with a bag of any sort for going into the wash, so I had to search for the third one which was caught inside the rubber lining of the machine door – so despite the spin cycle was still soaked when it came out and clumped up with bits of my hair – I never knew gathered there! Lovely.

Secondly, the deodorant. Positives are it actually works and smells lovely, I’ve done a spin class using this stuff and presented new ideas at a meeting in work and it survived both the sport and stress test well. Negatives are it was much smaller than I had anticipated and therefore for the price, you don’t get a lot of it.

Thirdly the soap. It smells great, not too overpowering jut pleasant. It works well and doesn’t dry your skin out, however, it leaves a residue on your sink that looks very unpleasant, it pretty much looks like sick. So, after making these purchases my overall conclusion is this:

Face Pads

The cotton face pads are a great idea in principle, but need to come in a washable bag. Perhaps washable face cloths would be easier – or I don’t know, a soft flannel?
The deodorant is brilliant so I would definitely look for this again however, I will be looking for one which provides better value – so any suggestions here would be gratefully received.
And finally, the soap. If you have a soap holder this would be brilliant so don’t let the staining put you off. I actually used this instead of a body wash when mine had run out and it didn’t dry out my skin which is unusual for a soap, so I’m pretty impressed!

Plastics Free products 6/10

So one step at a time, I’m trying to cut down my plastic use, because like most people after watching Blue Planet, I felt physically sickened by those images of plastic waste in the sea! It’s not going to happen overnight, but each step I take towards cutting back on plastic is a positive one and I’d be interested to learn how everyone else is making changes?

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