It’s 2019 and an opportunity for resolutions and re-evaluations – but why do we do it to ourselves? Why now?
New Year’s Resolutions, most common in the west, are intrinsically linked to religion and often involve changing a behaviour or achieving a goal. The Romans (what did they ever do for us?) began the year by making promises to the god Janus – which is where the word for January came from.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got so sick of Christmas ‘tat’ that all the twinkly and shiny decorations have already been safely tucked away (on New Year’s Day!). You’ve been out shopping and actually bought salad – as if that makes up for the bucket loads of mince pies and chocolate you’ve consumed over the season, and you’ve committed to a new fitness regime – in my case this has already been scuppered by Lifestyles Millennium getting flooded, for information, I didn’t do it!

But seriously why now? It’s cold, if you work full time you barely see any daylight hours so we’re already fighting the urge to hibernate like bears or continue to fatten up for winter. Why do we put ourselves under the added pressure during what is a miserable time of the year, to consider our goals, our future and our plans for the year ahead? Are we trying to make ourselves more unhappy?

So I’ve decided not to do it this year – sod it! My resolution is to look at what is going well for me, who are the fantastic people in my life – and make plans to spend some more time with them and soon – and also, think about what would I like to experience and where would I really like to visit this year – and book it! Yes it’s time to book that holiday.

NB: I’ve just booked a weekend away to watch drag racing and monster trucks in May!

What’s your plan to beat the January blues? *tucks into one of my remaining mince pies*

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