Going back to 2016, I actually reduced my working days to 3 a week to allow me to attend a college course in furniture making. I even took an exam to gain entry on the course, got the highest marks and then the course didn’t actually run because there wasn’t enough people taking it that year. Which pretty much scuppered all my plans.

My intention was to spend less time in front of a PC and more time being artistic. So instead of building furniture, I picked up a few second hand items and gave them a new lease of life – also known as Upcycling. I also bought some wooden boxes to try out the paining techniques, created a number of items, some even sold, but many became Christmas and birthday gifts for my friends and family.

The development of the chairs at the bottom of this page, was particularly tricky and it’s a big thanks to my Mum who helped me to sew the cushion covers because I was close to throwing the sewing machine through the window at that point! I think I’ve decided that upholstery is not for me!

Cleaning, sanding and even removing chewing gum from the stools before painting them, I actually enjoyed though. I’m still unsure about whether I should be spending any of my time creating these items, but I do love doing it. So I’m looking for some feedback on my creations, honest, open suggestions would be good and of course they are all for sale so if any of these items are of interest, please do make me an offer!

Alternatively, if you have some furniture that you feel could benefit from a lick of paint, some sanding and a nice varnish – I’m your woman and I’m available to carry out commissioned work for you too. Please contact me at Katie@getthewordout.uk to find out more – you’d be helping me make my home look less like a shop!


Black Box with spot design
Black Box with spot design
Flowery Box
Gardeners box
Small Table
Large Table
Medium Table
Collection of other remaining items


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