There are a lot of blogs about writing, but I’ve been asked several times since becoming a freelance copywriter to explain exactly what it is I do, so I’ll put it into words for you. I’ve been a copywriter for 18 years now, although my title has always been something different like Marketing Manager, Project Manager,  my roles have always included writing.

A good example of my experience in copywriting is, taking an Annual Report full of sports acronyms and ‘in phrases’ and translating the key achievements made by Merseyside Sports Partnership into plain English, so that even people not involved in sport can understand it. This is so important because if you want to attract more funding, you need people not currently involved in sport to appreciate, and want to be a part of, your success.

Another example would be to write a website from scratch for a new business. Looking at what your customers need to know about your service, before they make a decision on it, and guiding them right through to buying a ticket. Making that sale is always at the forefront, but customers will also need to know about the added value of informative workshops taking place, which brands are exhibiting, what special offers and deals there are, before buying a ticket to The Baby and Beyond Show.

Plus, websites are not static. So if you’re regularly uploading new content and sharing it on social, are you considering using the right imagery, key words, including links etc to help Google to better rank your site? This is what I’m currently doing for a number of clients, simply supplying regular news content and blogs to keep their sites interesting and driving traffic from social media to their websites.

Copywriters will consider all of these points and provide high ranking web content for you. They can also take a third party view of your business, convert your features into benefits, make it relevant and interesting to your customers and finally persuade them into taking some action.

It’s not rocket science, but it is a certain mindset and we have it. Writers may not reinvent your words entirely, but they will figure out what you’re looking to say in the most effective and efficient way. That’s why it’s so useful to bring in a freelancer.

Since launching my business in November I’ve written a number of blogs, product descriptions, press releases and provided proof reading for several clients. If you need me to take a look at your next brochure or website redesign, perhaps your looking at creating a series of blogs or e-newsletters, please give me a call on 07932 788641 or email

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