This week was so much fun. We spent some more of the session working on developing our range, with Jennifer at the piano and the four of us gathered around working our way further and further up the scale.

Sure, we all had our breaking point, but what was really interesting was that for some people the trills allowed them to go higher, and for others it was sirening (using ‘Na’). Here’s an example I found online to show you what I mean, I dare you to watch without laughing – You Tube.

At some point all of us laughed, because it doesn’t half sound silly! Whether it was during the trills or during the diction workout, where we sang a short phrase using all the different consonant sounds. So try this, pick a song you know the tune of well and replace all words of the chorus with Ba, Ba, Ba. Then, Ca, Da, Fa and believe me, if you can do ‘Ha’ all the way though you’re doing well, that one is hard!

The amazing thing was, how far we’ve come. It’s only week 3 and we had all improved our breathing techniques, our range and our diction. The more you do these exercises the less silly it becomes and the more apparent it is that you’re actually improving, which means you can finally tackle that song you’ve been trying to sing, with ease!

We all sang again for each other and most of us had changed our songs this time. I chose Promise Me by Beverly Craven. And there were no tears! We had all improved our performances though, and I think getting each other to provide constructive criticism also helped up greatly. We are starting to see in each other, what needs to be worked on, and what is being done well.

At the very end of the session I had a chance to speak to, Carla, who summed up perfectly what it means to be taking part in a course like this:

“Everybody sings, it’s for your own enjoyment so why not develop it.”

And this is so true because we are all here for very different reasons.

Carla went on to explain that, following some mental health problems, she was persuaded to take part in a choir – The Merseyside Acapella Community Choir. This experience really helped her to regain her confidence, feel part of a family and also to experience events such as singing for Liverpool Pride.

The Sense of Sound singers helped the 150 strong choir to learn 10 songs in just 2 rehearsals, that’s where she met Jennifer and why she wanted to take part in these sessions. Carla also has ambitions to take part in musical theatre and explained that her brother John was in Little Shop of Horrors, which she was very jealous of at the time! Keen to get involved she has now signed up to take part in the Merseyside Academy of Drama 10 week course in musical theatre – so watch this space!

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