I really don’t understand how it happened, but recently I’ve become addicted to spending time in coffee shops. I think it’s got something do with having no office to meet clients in, and perhaps a certain sense of isolation when I’m working from home. There’s certainly something about the bustle of life, and maybe the smell of coffee, that makes me type like a demon!

Liverpool really has so many wonderful coffee shops to spend time in too, so I’m getting the feeling I’m not alone here. There’s very often people on laptops and tablets working away in corners. This might be where the business leaders of the future are generating their ideas?

So today I’m in Cow and Co Cafe which is opposite Liverpool ONE and near the bus station, yet it feels tucked away somehow. The staff are friendly and helpful, I had to ask for a charger for my phone while I’m here and nothing is too much trouble for them.

It’s an intimate little space, with an array of baked goods that I’m struggling to avoid buying and very powerful coffee, giving me the kick start I needed today so I’m very grateful!

Next time you visit a coffee shop, take a look around for the Richard Branson’s of the future, working away on their projects, fuelled by quality caffeine. We’ll be here, oh and mines a black Americano please! 😉

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