I’ve been reading a lot lately about the benefits of being a part of a group or club. Having an active social life is now proven to be as important as healthy eating, exercising regularly and not smoking in terms of improving your lifespan. So I should share with you what is an important part of my life, drumming.

Now I should emphasise, as my Dad was a drummer in an Eagles tribute band (called The Golden Eagles), that I’m not a drummer in a rock or indie band, I’m a drummer in a whole band of drummers, which means I only play one drum at a time!

We’re called Katumba and we play everything from samba to funk, hip hop and even drum and bass. I absolutely love being a part of it because we all meet up weekly, beat the hell out of our drums, learn new rhythms and most importantly catch up with our friends in a welcoming and friendly environment.

There’s a whole mix of people in the band, from A-level students to the retired, and people come from all over the North West, some as far as Wales! Surprisingly we all get on too, and we learn so much from each other. Some of us are excellent dancers, some are amazing drummers, many of us are just having the time of our lives playing together so who cares!

Then the best bit is the gigs. We get to wear brightly coloured costumes and usually face paint too and play for carnivals, big sporting events and all kinds of other celebrations across the UK and beyond. Seeing the enjoyment we bring really makes all the training worthwhile. We’ve even performed in Brazil, Majorca and in Scotland – outside when it was -8!

It’s very funny when you’ve been performing at a gig one morning (like the Tunnel 10K) and then go back to normality. We’ve often found ourselves in Tesco’s wondering why we keep receiving strange looks from the other shoppers. Then we realise we’re wearing matching costumes and have multi coloured glittery stripes on our faces!

My husband and I first moved to Liverpool in 2004 and we pretty much left our friendship group, our local pub and therefore our social life behind. So when we were introduced to the band it was a revelation. We became part of something, met some friends for life and have had some incredible adventures together.

I believe its really is important to feel part of something. For more information on our band please visit Katumba

Picture provided by David Ellison Photography

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  1. I really like this blog. It makes me want to join the group. That sense of comradery is so full of vitality and social capital when it comes to group creativity. Thanks for sharing

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